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Monday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-6-12

Yesterday I had one of my best traffic days ever here at the blog.  I guess sharing information actually brings in readers. Who knew?  I thought for sure the key was trying to somehow tie in popular events to domaining or write about something Greek (I kid, I kid).  Here are today’s names One of those liquid domains I talk about. 16 year old that I think goes for over $500 Honestly I have no idea what the heck this means. The price and the bids caught me. You can tell I’m the guy that causes those gaper’s delays they talk about on the radio 10 Year old I like this one even more  Makes me think of Fiona Apple.  She was so “might kill you in your sleep” hot back then  This domain is going to do well but would do even better without the S 15 year old domain. Can’t figure if this is a just in from the rain or an adult type name  yesterday I don’t think I had an on the list and today I’m whoring them like crazy.  Sorry but it IS 15 years old   Makes me want to put up some of my 5L.coms   Great name and the 95 bids prove it  Nice investment brand and the broker affiliate links pay very well  CVCV and a last name  If you bid on this you may want to look up what Fap means in slang and make sure you want this one for your email No bidders. People that have these type names usually aren’t Dang.  These great LLLL.coms just keep coming  I promise.  My last  Ironically I’m at Newport Beach as I write this  Didn’t realize this was a word but it is.  Make it retro  Another liquid name  You know I like this one. And I don’t even sell cut flowers.  Great name  Yes it can be yours.  Some crazy fool is letting it go.  Won’t even fit on the damn Namejet page.  Sooo cool

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Domain Spotlight:

3 Replies to “Monday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-6-12”

  1. Schwangerschaft(s)

    Real tricky, Frank ist right of the meaning but he also spellt the plural, which is not for sale here.

    The Singular is for sale exact match search 140 p. m.

    The Plural
    Schwangerschaft(s) exact match search 40.500 p. m.

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