Monday’s Daily Domain and Drop and Auction Picks

Oct 03 2011

“I’m going to die soon, and that really doesn’t appeal to me” was a quote Andy Rooney said last on 60 minutes.  After I laughed I sat there and thought about how many people take for granted that there is limited time.  Time to make money, time to spend with your family, time to have fun.  Every second you waste is time you’ll never get back.  That being said, some of the best times in your life may be times you do absolutely nothing. Doing things that have no value other than to make us forget about all the other things we have to do.  So as we begin this week I hope that you’ll do a few things that will get you where you’re headed but just as important, to make sure that you do it in a way that you enjoy.  Now onto the names. A pretty good deal at $21 for an 11 year old domain. at $5000 I would imagine it would be a rather interesting site to write for with some fringe benefits but your wife may be less than thrilled about your new hobby aka most domain conferences Looks to be a highly sought after brandable LNN.coms have always done well. Most people that think they are really aren’t BUT if you have the domain it’s much easier to say you are I thought it sounded like a good project name The dot com is nicely built out so you’re going to lose some traffic to them but still doable. Pool parties are the new nightclubs.  The downside?  You better be rich if you are fat.

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  1. Richard Head

    “Every second you waste is time you’ll never get back.”
    Wow !! Shane’s gettin’ all filosophical on us

    here’s paying you back for the time of mine you wasted.

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