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Monday’s Daily Domains Dropping

Made it through my first Half Ironman…..barely.  92 degree temps with 105 heat index made the run a bit hot.    I took it easy on the swim and bike to save something for the run.  I just wanted to finish standing up.  The time was not that great but I finished, which is more than many competitors could say that day.   I passed many a person better than me.   All I could think about during the race was domains.   Just kidding but here are few good ones dropping today.

Domains Found using (my favorite drop domain finder)

Valuations are based on A dot org but doesn’t mean this one is going cheap. $1600 value.   Easy to remember and domain spells out what the site should be all about I love recipe sites.  They are so easy to do and this name would certainly help you get on the first page of The Goog $2600 valuate and 10,000 searches.  Great product site name When I see this I think of a porn site but then again you can make almost any name a porn site If this were 1991 this domain would be worth $5000 but then again the internet wasn’t really up and going quite yet so maybe not

Domain Spotlight: