This Week’s Top 5L dot Com Sales

Jun 18 2010

Another fine week for 5 letter dot com sales.  Every month there seems to be more 5Ls that are achieving prices over $2,000.   As I always do, I want to remind new domain investors to be careful with 5Ls. For every one of the sales below there are 1 million names that are worth squat.  Of course,  if you can figure out which names have value there is a ton of money to be made in this area.  It’s treating me very well.  I have had two $2000 plus sales this month.  I am also buying some 5Ls for over $1K myself right now.  NameJet has also been delivering $500-$1000 drop prices on 5Ls as well.  Here are the top sales this week (courtesy of DnJournal) $3075  (Sedo) $2000 (Sedo) $2000 (Sedo) $2200 (Sedo) $2460 (Sedo) $2500 (Sedo) $2550 (Sedo) $2650 (Sedo) $2388 (NameJet) $2609 (NameJet) $5011 (NameJet)

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  1. Paul Brin

    I’ve had some interest recently in my 5L names and wonder if I should raise my minimum bid or leave it @ $399 and allow the marketplace to determine their values?

  2. Luc

    We will see how my 5L. com does at GreatDomains – it is a fine 5L dot com (edited because comments are not free advertising but discussion)

  3. Suneedh

    I love the prices at which the 5L coms are selling nowadays. It would help us a lot if you could do a lil post about how to market our own 5L.coms and get the prices we expect.


  4. Kevin Cooke

    Great Site. I just bought some pretty good 5L’s (although I guess we’ll see.) I’m totally new at the domaining game.

    Out of curiosity, do you do anything to your 5L’s to market them, or just simply post them to a seller (sedo) and let them sit?

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