Tuesday’s Daily Domains That Are “Dropping”

Jun 22 2010

I put dropping in parenthesis because we all know that many of the NameJet names are not expiry names but regardless, they are up for grabs.   Godaddy’s name quality has been terrible lately but it’s the luck of the draw.  They get what’s expiring. On a side note, if you’re not watching Morgan’s show each night you’re missing a good time.  I highly recommend.  Now here’s a list of today’s favorites.

BidMaster.com 1998 Domain that has many uses.   I see a great name for a bidding tool for some trade

VintageTruck.com $1400 valuate and a few searches.  A nice descriptive domain

Pleasuring.com It wouldn’t be a daily drop list without a porn name so here’s today’s

Initiating.com Reminds me of my fraternity days.  Anyone else have to put a raw piece of steak in their pants and wear it around campus for a weak.  Maybe it was just me

BackpackBlower.net Look around at any lawn maintenance company and you’ll see somebody wearing one of these

Motorcycleparts.org 460,000 searches.  HUGE name.  I don’t care if it’s a dot org

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