Monday’s Daily Dropping Domains

Jul 26 2010

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, I finally did.  Didn’t have to work on Sunday for the first time in a month.  Took the family to the County Fair and had a few lemon shakeups, deep fried stuff, and some funnel cakes.   Good thing I had a nice 25 mile bike beforehand.  I saved a little time to go through today’s names and here they are. (not my best list ever) Most of the time this word has an “E” in it but there are plenty of people and places that spell it this way A must read book that was also made into a movie. The domain is number two on Google.  I think you would be better off just reading the book but there is traffic to be had here Not a fantastic name but certainly worth $70 $9 CPC and 33,000 searches 3 letter dot org has some value and the TV in the letters helps as well Lots of uses for this dictionary word a popular family name

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