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Want to See My 5 Letter Dot Coms?

If you’re looking to make money in domaining then I would agree, 5 letter dot coms are not the way to go.  That being said, the world is an ever growing place and there are plenty of companies and organizations looking for names.  I’ve always felt that the shorter the domain, the easier it is to remember.  Unfortunately, you can’t make very many words with 3 or 4 letters so it led me to 5.  I have made money in 5 letter domains but I’ve collected some pretty good ones in the last 10 years.  A few sales at a couple thousand each has more than paid for my names.  Now that a strong 5 letter dot com has climbed over $1000 I am pretty confident I am in a positive situation.  I was combing through my Godaddy account yesterday and decided to jot down some of the names I have.  Some are good, some aren’t, you be the judge.  (The generic only guys will say they’re all bad but I understand)

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  1. I prefer the ones that are pronounceable (,,,, etc). I own and but haven’t gotten any offers yet

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