Monday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  A little slow the last couple days in the domaining community.  That was until Mr. Latona announced he was done with TRAFFIC this year.  It wasn’t completely unexpected.  The shows had some great moments but it was tough out there.  Way too many conferences and auctions that were geared towards friends and elite domainers.  The average Joe didn’t have much reason to go unless it was close to home or in a great vacation spot.   Hopefully the conferences will dwindle down to a few and there will be a little more excitement.  Here are the names for today. I’ve been talking lately about the surge of quad 4Ls and this is one.  Will do well but in general, these are good investments Certainly the most dangerous sexual act I can think of.  Perhaps you can put up a site warning of the dangers 4300 searches isn’t too bad and with no bidders, it shouldn’t go for too much 1996 domain that would make a great sports site.  Already at $235 A long tail whois site? A PR 5

Domain of the Day: