Monday’s Daily Dropping Domains for the Day After an American Holiday Holiday

Jul 05 2010

There are a ton of people in the United States off today.   I’m not one of them and wasn’t one yesterday as well.  Unfortunately plants don’t know it’s a holiday and they want to be watered the same as any other day.  As for today, when you sell things to people you have to be open when they aren’t working.   On the Internet that’s 24/7.  In brick in mortar it’s daylight and then some.  I did find a few minutes to peruse today’s drop/auction list and here are a few I found. That pretty much sums it up.  Everyone I know is one of the two If you like hyphens then this one is pretty nice as well Not sure how you would monetize this one but a decent amount of searches Org works here and high ad compete and high CPC I like color adjectives.   These types of names are easy to remember,spell and make a memorable logo.  Not saying they are easy to sell just easy to brand.  You can picture the logo right now can’t you? Cam sites have always been hot but now they are really hot.

If you didn’t see anything you like you can always use to find better ones

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