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Monday’s Domain Auction and Drop Picks: Some Good Names Today

Today is one of those days you’ll need to head over and scan the list as there’s a lot of good names today.  Godaddy is light and so is snapnames but some strong names coming through NameJet.  Sorry about not getting up the list earlier, a couple technical snafus kept me from putting anything up early morn.  Take a look at the names My favorite name in the last year.  It’s something I preach.  The difference between number 1 and number 2 usually comes down to effort. Another high bid name but it’s pretty easy to see why I feel like I’ve seen this name 1,000 up for auction.  Probably because the three letter dot coms with q get passed around like a joint in Humbolt County Same here. Bid on this name before.  I still like it. Messenger bags seem to always stay trendy I’ve never bought a non product dot info but this name couldn’t be much better for a personal/social info site Legal word that will probably go for a nice price although a negative term. Most people are looking for lawyers that will help them NOT get prosecuted People are starting to figure out it’s possible to sell on dot orgs and the product domain prices on this tld are picking up This is a dropper but I like the name.  People love to think they’re getting something before everyone else. Everyone loves a fight.  They love it to be girls and if not girls, in the street.  Remember Kimbo Slice and Rocky 5?  All about the street fight.

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  1. Wow, you weren’t kidding. That is the strongest list of domains I’ve seen in one day in a while.
    Have you done any sales sites on .org’s or just what you’re seeing in the industry?

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