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Monday’s List of A Few Nice Websites Up For Auction

Went through the list today over at Flippa and found a few interesting websites for sale that have a solid opportunity to generate some daily revenue.  Let’s take a look.  Ranks on first page for “Fax from Email”.  To me that alone is worth $55 and that’s what the price is at now and has met reserve.  Owner says it made $178 in the last 30 days and 1953 uniques.  Is also a PR3   First, the site is two years old so it’s a grandfather compared to most sites up for sale.  If the owner is telling the truth, it used to make $1700 a month but got crushed by Google’s “Penguin” update and now makes a little over $300.  He’s selling for $5K.  To me its worth a shot if the numbers are truthful.  The problem is the site was killed because of the bad backlinks and there really is no way to get rid of bad backlinks.  Owner states that Google hasn’t hit his site yet and ranks on first page for the domain keywords.  Makes an average of $54 per month so the site probably can be had for less than 1 years income.  Not saying that this price is anywhere near reality but I love Blake Griffin and the way he plays.  Watch the player, pass on the domain

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  1. Thanks for the list. I just picked up the .net version of the fax domain. I will see how quickly I can build it and flip it.

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