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Friday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 12-23-11

Had a holiday Christmas party last night and a 5 am run this morning so the combination doesn’t leave much sleep or time so I apologize in advance for my hasty list.   That and my slightly drunk appearance. But you really can’t see me so I guess that doesn’t matter.  Here’s today’s names. No bidders on this 1999 domain. Picking your house , OK.  Your nose, still frowned on. Suzanne Summers was hot in the seventies.  Sorry, that’s the only Suzanne I know Thankfully this zone is increasing every year. I can finally have my lunch without Lucy the nervous postal worker smoking her way back to sanity at the table next to me.1997 Birthday with 34 bidders Not sure if the Europeans call our wines by state or American but regardless it’s a 14 year old name that gets 12 visits a day and is DMOZ listed. That state is full of plastic surgery and runners.  Cater to the latter  No bidders Not sure what you’ll do with this one.  Not the pancake, you’ll eat that………. 1999 Birthday NO bidders Three character domains always do well It’s what I use to play all my old video games on my Mac.   And nobody cares.  No bidders for this 2001 domain Running and Clouds, two hot words in domaining.  OK maybe Run is just me

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2 Replies to “Friday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 12-23-11”

  1. “Suzanne Summers was hot in the seventies. Sorry, that’s the only Suzanne I know”

    There’s singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega from the nineties
    and I’ll take Mrs Bob Hartley from the sixties, the lovely
    and talented Suzanne Pleshette any day over Chrissy Snow.

    1. Mitch,

      Never liked Luca but now that you mention I do know two. Never knew Bob had a wife. I assumed he did all the girls. I guess he still could have.

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