SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 21st

Oct 21 2012

One of the better Sunday lists in a while.  Plenty of good names to choose from today.  Didn’t have time to put on all of them.  As always thanks to all of you for stopping by each  day and making this list the most recent list you’ve read at that point in time. Simple words, pretty great name. 13 years old. NO bidders  You’re probably on this because it was the year that the planet/non planet Pluto was photographed for the first time  You’re probably on this because it’s going to be the year when ICANN finally releases the new tlds after all the court battles  Witch in Spanish   I’m squirming a little just typing this.  That alien visit I had in 1998 still is effecting me I guess I’ll take it if you don’t want it. No doubt in my mind that in the next 20 years we’ll be selecting specific genes we want our kids to have  A negative term in my opinion because most people think of death when they hear it.  BUT they will remember it and that’s part of what makes a name valuable Sounds like a real program but it’s ready for some employment agency to buy it from you. 13 years old   J hurts it a little but still worth buying   Yeah yeah, the first pineapples in Hawaii were planted this year.  Tell us something we don’t know I figured this one would do well. Can be used for so many different things

Dedicated Servers at  These can cost in the thousands of dollars for the souped up versions  Another product domain if that’s your thing   What some of the guys that act tough behind the computer end up using at the domain conference meals.  A plant but also a term for a quick, strong, attack.   Great brand

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  1. Guy

    “Yeah yeah, the first pineapples in Hawaii were planted this year. Tell us something we don’t know”

    funny in 2 senses
    made me laugh but also as you probably actually DID know that in your game!

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