New gTLD Development: Nonprofit Edition with .Global, .Help, .Gift

Nov 20 2015

Following up on last week’s holiday and gift theme, we’re looking at nonprofit and humanitarian sites this week. As usual, screenshots below are linked to the sites if you would like to check them out.

The Global Action Nepal organization has been working in Nepal since 1996, but their efforts have recently received a little more attention due to their work helping rebuild after this year’s earthquake.

GAN is a small but dynamic organisation working in Nepal to help develop the education system and implement social change. We are registered in Nepal with the Social Welfare Council as a NGO, and in the UK with the Charity Commission. We have been working in Nepal since 1996 on a wide range of projects, and we pride ourselves on the high quality of our work. We have worked with a range of well-respected organisations, including the British Council, VSO and World Vision.“

A video covering their earthquake response efforts is below.


If you would like to donate to the organization, you can follow this link.

Please note: We have not independently done any due diligence on this organization. Do your own research before making any donation.

This newly formed non-profit is a nice use for the .help extension, and IHA is an abbreviation for InterEuropean Human Aid Association. They were formed recently in response to the refugee crisis on some EU borders,

“Thousands of people are on their way to Europe. They urgently need our help. The mission of the Intereuropean Human Aid Association (IHA) is to provide protection and assistance in a fast and efficient way for refugees. This is accomplished with teams of volunteers working closely with local and international NGOs onsite along the European borders.”

Their site has an Alexa rank near 5.5 million, no doubt helped by some recent news coverage on the organization.

You can follow these links for a donation of goods or financial donations.

Please note: We have not independently done any due diligence on this organization. Do your own research before making any donation.

While this site is not nearly as robust as the two sites listed above, has the same intent: to help others. A fancy site isn’t necessary as long as it’s effective.

This is a directory site of sorts, with 49 different organizations listed where one can donate bone marrow. The locations include a variety of countries, and I’m guessing there are more listings on the way.

“This purpose of this site is to aggregate Bone Marrow Donor registries from all over the world.

It is by no means a complete list, and only registries with current websites are included.

This website is not associated with any of the organisations listed, and serves only to offer you the chance to find out more about donating bone marrow. Any content found on the sites listed belongs to the respective site owner and they are responsible for it.”

The developer appears to be a TechCrunch writer who has a personal connection to the subject of the site, according to this Reddit link which says in part that he is a “former tech journalist covering Google and Twitter, 2-time cancer fighter“, and states that he has raised over $1.7 million for charities since 2009.

Kudos to him on his efforts, which continue with his development of this site.

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