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Domain Shane’s List of Domains at Auction for Friday the 20th
Pretty good list today if you like a mix.  LLLL.coms actually settled in price this week and the CHIPS actually dropped $100 for common varieties and up a few for Western and Chinese premiums. We haven’t seen hardly any ABAB, AABB, or ABBA at all.  These have become gold so nobody is selling.  I am biased because I have a few and want some comps but I’m not getting any.  On a side note.  We have a low paying but paying job doing a recap of this list.  If you read Aaron 2s recap during the summer we are looking to do the same thing.  Aaron added another child to the family and took on a new role in his company and just didn’t have the time.  But we loved the segment and would like it continue. Drop us an email if you’re interested in doing it. Again, it takes some time each day and the pay isn’t great but you would get to work with Aaron and I which is worth millions.  Here are today’s names. Click for current price.
. The vowels are starting to pick up lately.  People are starring to feel a little more comfortable buying letters that have Western end user potential.  I think that train of thought increases
.  C for corporation.  I personally like LLLL.coms that end in C the best.  Good for China good for Corporation

.  Doctor Jack Kevorkian let this expire.  Just kidding, made that up.  CHIP and a WHIP
.   Evidently the Chinese like 360 considering 360 sold for over a million dollars.  Under $40 at press time
.   Short dot biz name.  Which has been getting lots of love lately at auction.  This one isn’t quite yet
.  This is much higher than I thought.  But its Five letter o, letter o and some may think its   Which if they think is only $1000 then they deserve to buy it
.   Worldly name.  The type of name getting the highest price and have been coveted for a decade.  Just not this coveted
.   A very nice  No 8s so it should be in the $4K range
.  Repeating letters are worth at least 10% more than an average CHIP.  From what I’ve seen, that is
.  Has a reserve but one of the nicer repeaters.  Ends tomorrow
.  I’m starting to like 6N.coms  Haven’t reloaded the portfolio though since I sold too early
.  A lot of 4s is OK when there are only 5 numbers
. K for Kompany.  The Man City midfielder.  Also a big bag of CHIP
.  SH for Shanghai.  It’s the reason its so high and the reason this type of names are some of the first to rise in value
.    Beijing on this one.
There is a group of 5555 names for auction.  5555880, 5555973, 5555910, 5555970, 5555879, 5555971, 5555891, 5555897, 5555890
.  My favorite of the group
. I have been trying to buy this type all frickin week and they are moving too fast.  I don’t like to chase.  Good money if you own these right now
.  The pattern is the driver here.  And yes I am pointing out because the are moving up fast and selling.  I am not saying buy them.  But I am saying pay attention
.  now that I have your attention.  A triple repeater
.  These are the pattern that have hit $200+ the last few days.  AABCC
.  One more and I think its even better
.  Next up the LLLL.nets   This one will cross $300 IMO despite being 2 years old
.  I would rather own this one.  Although I own no LLLL.nets
.  And one more that is a WHIP and CHIP dot net

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.  I only go to the auction to see the sellers Avatar
.   You’ll have to beat out Charlie Sheen
.  At the bottom of the 5N.coms but still officially a 5N so it rises as the floor rises
.  This is a premium in the 5L.coms right now.  Starting to get pushed to auction at Sedo now
.  Doing better than I thought it would.  I still have a lot to learn
.  Good western name as well.  The kind you want to own.  I probably have said that enough
.  Not a more relevant name on the board than this one
.  Not even close to reserve but after all the high six and seven figure sales its understandable
.  A neighborhood in Tampa.  Evidently nobody likes it because there are only 2 bids. Maybe its the 5000 residents that are poor.  But maybe the Chinese will come buy it and turn it into luxury condos
.  No bidders.  $69 would be more than a good deal right now IMO
.   Lots of ads and results on Google.  That’s usually enough to make it valuable to someone who sells them
.  I live in the Midwest where hunting season is more important than work.   Upgrade name for several companies
.  The Chinese don’t live it but the Western world does.  Venture Capital
.  $50K plus?
.  Great name but will never meet reserve
.   WHIP and CHIPs for dinner here.  N for Network and Ning
.   Only 26 bidders but First is going to be one of them and that’s the only one a seller needs
.  Over under $75K
.  Owner smartly bought advertising on and it should pay off. Getting lots of bids.  He didn’t pay for this.  This is a freebie
.   At a couple thousand.  I forget how much these damn things are up to.  I left a few billion on the table when I sold my portfolio of these for like $35 each.  I’m very smart
.  Worth buying IMO.  I think it has end user possibilities

Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. (if you have trouble with the contact form its [email protected] this domain name) I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct.  I hand choose my names but I am paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links.  Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good investments

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  1. Why do u say that LLLL prices have levelled off. thats Bollocks! You’ve just scared a lot of buyers off now and spooked me as well. There is quite a few non payers on Ebay today and I am sure its because of your words.

    1. Yippee,
      I said it because they have. Regular CHIPs that don’t repeat or have western letters have flattened at $2500. My words have nothing to do with payers on Ebay. I don’t control the market. But I have not sold one CHIP and have kept all of them so I have no vested interest in making them go down. I only say what I see.

    1. Agus, Big soccer aka futbol aka football player for many years. Don’t watch as much as I like because I can’t stand not having the skills I used to have. Always felt I could have played professional. It’s my coaches that didn’t agree

  2. Good on you Shane Cultra.
    Three great laugh out louds from your descriptions. Embarrassed myself in a public place when I read
    Thanks for all this work you do for nix.

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