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New Monthly Traffic Record Here at Domain Shane

I’m sure Chris, my new partner/writer is going to say it’s all because of him, but we reached a new monthly traffic record here at in November.   As I always say, my old blogs got more in one day than this one does in a month but I’m still proud.  We topped 30K unique visitors this month and has basically climbed for 6 straight months.  I put the actual traffic stats up for all to peruse. Imagine that, someone actually posted their real traffic stats.  When it comes to the total numbers I have never understood why people hide them.,, and other big sites don’t hide them, most likely because the stats are good.  People tend to exaggerate their numbers either for advertisers or ego. To say that I don’t care what they are is wrong but they are what they are.  If I’m going to use this voice and try and tell our journey showing the stats of the journey is as good a way as I can think.

I do this not for the stats but for the voice. A voice of two guys that are always learning, questioning, and enjoying the journey to the goal of wealth in the domain industry.  Telling it like we know it.  Many times we are wrong because we are naive or lacking the information that would allow us to see things differently. Other times we realize there are hundreds of other people that think the same way and are they’re glad to see they’re not alone.  Most of all we’re having a good time along the way.

The reality is Chris is part of the reason are stats are climbing and I’m thankful I have him along.  Google’s Panda release also played a big part.  Our Google traffic has skyrocketed since Panda came about. And it’s not because we have written 10 posts a day with keywords.  It’s because Google likes fresh content and there have been at least 2 posts a day here for over two years.  If we’ve done anything it’s write consistently.  If our quality goes up we may some day join TheDomains, ElliotsBlog, and DNWire and be part of the Google News Feed.  Right now we’re not worthy.

So thank you to all the readers.  Thank you to the advertisers (we sure could use a few right now) that have helped fund the journey. Thanks to Francois at for letting my little old blog be a part of a great group of sites.  Thanks to my wife that puts up with me sitting at the computer each and every night typing away half listening to her questions about when I’m going to get things done.  And thanks to Chris who works for peanuts (actually we both do) but puts forth the effort of well paid executive. While we may never get 30K readers a day you can still say you knew us when.

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  1. Congratulations Shane! A very informative blog you have here, so undoubtedly the numbers will continue to rise! Keep up the good work!

  2. You provide a nice blog with frank opinions. I pick an occasional gem from your daily list sometimes also.

    It’s not a rehash of everything else that is going on which I think domainers are burned out on after years of seeing it on many of your competitor’s sites.

  3. Great numbers …
    Shane talks like a Hollywood star who ‘s just got Golden Oscar ; ..thank you all…thanks to Chris ..peanuts picker ..thanks to his wife …

    BTW, Shane looks like a movie star ..I saw in HBO ..i think he is ..Aaron Eckhart

  4. Hi Shane – Your blog has always been on my read list. A nice balance of opinion, fact and and always educational. I learn something new every day from DomainShane. Your real world “owning and running you own business” anecdotes are especilly relevant. Great work – keep it up.

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