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Nothing Better Than Buying a Domain And Unexpectingly Finding Out it Gets 300 Uniques a Day

I recently purchased 4769 dotcom during my latest spending spree.  Like most domainers, I often forget to change the DNS right away.   This weekend I decided to go and check all my domain purchases over the last few weeks and double check the DNS, there were a few NNNN domain that needed to be changed.  I always change them to Sedo initially as an easy way to check stats and the geo location of the visitors.

After the first day I saw 4769 sending some pretty good traffic.  With a little research I saw that the domain had been a Japanese torrent/image hosting site with tons of links from different Asian forums.  I realize that old torrent site traffic isn’t the best traffic in the world but it IS real traffic and you never know if someone following the links is interested in the site.  The first day it send 155 uniques and the next day it sent over 300.

I set up a page on DomainShane and redirected the site to that page and put up a little blurb in English and Japanese letting the link follower know it was for sale.  It’s been up two days and yesterday got my first offer.  The $100 offer was not quite what I was looking for but it was an offer.  Another surprise was the amount of pageviews.  Over half the people from 4769 look at more than one page.  It’s probably curiosity but perhaps there may be an English speaking Japanese reader that is interesting in poorly written, comedy oriented, domaining articles.  I’m guessing the reality is he can’t read the writing and is digging deeper for porn.

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4 Replies to “Nothing Better Than Buying a Domain And Unexpectingly Finding Out it Gets 300 Uniques a Day”

  1. Not a fan, but bought a bunch off nnnn’s once

    Same story but none of the uniques converted to clicks

    Probably junk traffic

    What about you? Getting paid for the traffic?

  2. That’s pretty good actually.

    I didn’t get a cent with 1000 uniques a day with all my nnnns. Thought it was freaky asian traffic or something.

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