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Nothing More Gratifying Than Seeing a Domain You Sold Fully Developed

The old business mantra is to never fall in love with your assets.  While it may be a good practice, the reality is occasionally there are things you own that you like more than others.  I have had a few such domains but one of my favorites was I am proud that the domain I sold has now become a iPhone/Apple app company name.

One of the categories of domains that I concentrate in is start-up names.  For 10 years I have been buying 5 letter dot coms that would make good online company names.  I probably should have purchased more generics ten years ago but I bought what I liked and that’s what I like.  I generally sell 5-10 five letter dot coms a year and as I had hoped, almost all the names have become online companies.  In the last few years my names seem to be popular names for iPhone apps.  The reason?  I owned a lot of 5 letter names with the word tap in them.  Tapsy being my favorite.

I feel like my baby is all grown up.  Tapsy is a great looking website for a company that develops and markets online and iPhone games.  Some might say it’s more gratifying to see something you developed yourself but realistically I am never going to develop these names and therefore I enjoy seeing someone else utilize them to their potential. It needed to be owned and developed by someone that was in that market.  Since you tap the iPhone I knew that a gaming company would buy it.  A person emailed me a generous offer and with a little negotiation the deal was complete in less than 24 hours.  A few months later, they have a great new name and I am able to put that money into another name.  Everyone wins.

If you are wondering what kinds of names do I think make good apps or start up names here are a few of my favorite from my portfolio (all dot coms, I only do dot coms)














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7 Replies to “Nothing More Gratifying Than Seeing a Domain You Sold Fully Developed”

  1. Nice one, Shane. You’re lucky enough to stumble upon good 5L.coms like that. it’s quite hard to spot a good one nowadays… gl selling more! hope I can have some of mine attract some interested parties as well 😉

  2. Cool story Shane, its an area of interest for me too. I think its a strong niche and if you have ones that make sense and don’t kid yourself about what is catchy or pronounceable, you can do well.

    As I am a fan of Tea, I like very nice, sounds like a game app too. Best of luck.

  3. In the past I sold this domain and now it is a alexa rank: 720 site.

  4. Most of my startup info comes via Twitter. When a startup has a great name AND the exact match Twitter handle I think ‘slick’. Lately I’ve been passing up some (to my way of thinking) very good (startup type) names because the Twitter handle is gone. How do you think about Twitter handles?
    PS Bleeb is my favorite. Love it.

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