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I Bought My First Dot Co This Week

I made the leap this week and bought my first dot co domain.  While I wouldn’t say that I have a complete change of heart on the future of dot co, I will say that I do feel that the dot co tld can be branded as well as any tld on the market.  Notice how I said branded.  You can brand anything.

What I love about dot co is the acceptance from the business community.  I am seeing both national and here locally, companies confidently using the tld as their domain.  Whether consumers have completely accepted it is another story.  I truly believe it is a name by name basis.  I also think generics don’t play as well on dot co as dot net or dot org.  Another determining factor for me is if the dot com is fully branded and developed.  If it is, you instantly become a second place player to the dot com and the value is drastically reduced.  Your marketing of the domain will merely strengthen the dot com.

So what did I buy?  I love the name and the way it sounds when you say it.  “Bo Bo dot co” .  While there are certainly trademarks on the word bobo I feel I should be OK as long as I stay out of the same categories as all the trademark holders.  I am going to use it for one of my new domain ventures that I will be introducing at the end of the year.  The name wasn’t all that expensive and I bought it using Buy It Now on Godaddy.

It did get me to thinking (in addition to talking to a few “insiders” ) that there is about to be a “shitload” of dot co domains dropping in July.  I will certainly be scanning the wire for pickups and auctions. As renewals come up and people start contemplating the $30 fee, I can guarantee more than a few people will just decide to let them drop.  In reality there are only a few people making good money on flips.  Mike Mann is doing well but I can’t say the same for the thousands of other investors.   Further supporting my idea that dot co for branding is fantastic, for flipping, not so good in the near term. The future? I can’t see the future or I would own more dot coms wouldn’t I.

So what do you think of

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    1. Jim,

      I don’t see gold nor am I a fool. 🙂 When I buy a candy bar I’m not investing. I’m buying a candy bar here. I don’t need it, don’t expect anything from it but fun. A little more than a candy bar though

  1. I like it…it passes the radio test because the name rhymes with the tld. Which makes the name flow into the tld, but not as a hack, it’s very natural and catchy.

    So few would be tempted to remember because of this, it’s actually more instinctive to remember the flow as opposed to tacking on .com.

    Nice work.

  2. is a developed domain; all other generic of bobo are taken by different hands and you have aswell taken the .co of that word. If someone has TM for any domain, is it not wise and better for that person to protect their TM by taken all available and newlly issued suffixes of their domain? Rather than waiting for someone to get the other suffixes before fighting back forTM on domain. Secondly, I am a believer of .co suffix but it may not work now until 2 to 3 years to come before it can be alternated or next to .com. Cheers.

  3. Just today I bought my first .co domain as well(1st registration, not auction). Will use it for development purpose, hopefully will be equal to rank this domain in Google as other tld.

    And is really cool sounding brand name!

  4. Bro, nice choice. I hand registered a few a year ago, but I hope it’s not my imagination. They seem to take ages to get indexed 🙁

  5. Well you’re a bit late for .co if it’s your 1st .co but revenge will come in july drop!
    Bobo means body injury (scrapes, bruises, cuts) in french mostly used when talking to children.

    Generic .co is not as hot as you said because only a few domainers makes money from it. I do believe on or short .co like because like all 3letter on most valuable tlds their value stay stable. This will be in 2 years or more for .co because price is aroud $29/y for renewals if domainers keeps renewal for several years adding fees won’t let them sell below reg fee but over what they paid, this is available for generic too. Now all is demand factor and public interest for success or not.
    Like the .us, many excellent domains are beign drop every years and catch again from others: this is domainers game. American companies did not adopt the .us gtld and still stick to .com
    Will this be the same for .co? No idea if Yes i will decline!

  6. Great name, Shane. And while I agree with you when you say that anything can be branded (at least ideally), I think you’ll agree with me that .CO looks much more easily brandable than other TLDs.

  7. When I’m talking about other TLDs, of course I’m referring to non .com TLDs, since .com is the undisputed king.

  8. In my view this marketed peaked 6 months ago, the time is ripe to be selling these names and heading for the exits, not buying them. Luckily you’ve only bought one.

  9. I still see no value in it and surprised it survived that long. Don’t think it’s gonna last for long. Sure it’s good branding and all, but it’s rather pointless like all the other new extensions

  10. BTW if anyone’s interested in regging new .COs, they’re just $9.49 per year at GoDaddy with coupon geek949

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