Domain Spotlight: To Go Up For Sale in April

Will it reach a million?  That’s the question to be answered very soon.   Here is the exact post from

Recently Sold for $1 Million

Recently the domain name was sold on behalf of National A-1 Advertising to Poker Company. The deal was brokered by Sedo, which is a domain market place. The price was $1 million. Prior to this the highest price fetched for a .org domain was $198,000 for Domain names with .com have fetched considerably higher prices. was sold for $14 million, was sold for $10 million, was sold for $5.1 million and was sold for $3 million. This explains why is being tight lipped about the expected price and why no expert is willing to hazard a guess on the outcome.

In Web, Shorter is Better

Single word domain names of this nature are in demand because they are easily crawled by the search engines and usually land on top of the search results, especially if they are active. A single world is easy to communicate and has a higher recall rate among potential customers. This is what a gambling operator wants, especially after shelling out big bucks for TV and traditional advertising.

Both land based and online operators are expected to bid for the name. would immediately be a crown jewel in their intellectual property portfolio and could tie multiple brands together into a single online destination.

The questions uppermost in everyone’s minds today are who will be the buyer and how much will they pay. After all, an industry is up for grabs.

The Opportunity

Owning presents a unique opportunity to both land based and online gambling companies to create a viable international brand. The name implies trust, ensures instantaneous name recognition and obtains a higher user recall rate.

How to participate:

Interested parties are being asked to email contact information to [email protected] Please include your company name, contact name, email, fax, phone number, and market capitalization.

Contact: Auction [email protected] ###

Looks like they don’t have a date set and that it will be a RSVP type auction.   I’ve read a lot of press releases and descriptions of domain names and for the first time I agree with everything the owners actually said.  This is a rare gem and I see no reason why it won’t top a million.  It’s one of the top gambling domains to go up for sale in a while.  What do you think?

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