5 Nice Domains Dropping Today

Dec 10 2009
A few good names are dropping today.  As I go through the list I see all the LLLL domains dropping and this time last year people were paying $20-50 for absolute junk 4Ls.  Ahh, how times have changed.  ...
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4 Nice Domains Dropping Today

Dec 07 2009
It’s Monday and with each day is an opportunity to have a week of some good catches. I didn’t see very many good value names.  There are a few great ones out there but with 80-100 bidders on ...
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7 Nice Domains Dropping Today

Dec 04 2009
It was a very successful week of pickups.  Added a few more tools to help me pick up some names.  The tools helped me pick up spireas.com which I offered $500 last year and they countered with $1800.  ...
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6 Nice Domains Dropping Today

Dec 03 2009
Evidently people are reading these daily drop posts because within hours many of the domains with no bids have bids.  I picked up Audrina.net and will put up a Audrina Patridge photo and fan page soon.  ...
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