Owen and Mr. Monster Talk Shop Today

Jul 28 2010
I’ve been waiting for this interview for a while.  I talk to Rob several times a week and I think Epik is on the right track to big things.  I’d like to think I’ve helped keep them on ...
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Want to See My 5 Letter Dot Coms?

Jul 26 2010
If you’re looking to make money in domaining then I would agree, 5 letter dot coms are not the way to go.  That being said, the world is an ever growing place and there are plenty of companies and ...
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Friday’s Daily Domain Drops

Jul 23 2010
Ahhhh finally Friday.  I have been exhausted this week.  Not sure if it’s the heat or the two weeks straight of work.  Maybe it was the 16 mile run Saturday, the 40 mile bike Sunday, the 6 mile ...
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