Update on Top 10 Sales from A Year Ago This Week: IG.com, 3C.com, DPC.com, Deco.com, Fork.com, More

Aug 22 2014

Below is an update to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. IG.com for $4,700,000

  • An upgrade from IGGroup.com for the London-based firm, though distinct sites are currently live at each URL. The domain was owned and utilized by a Brazilian internet service provider at the time of sale, and that company now uses IG.com.br. IG Group describes itself as “the world-leading provider of contracts for difference (CFDs), financial spread betting, and the UK’s largest retail forex provider”. IG.com is the traffic leader for the week by a long shot, with its Alexa rank of 5,600…the vast majority of which I would guess is looking for the prior owner.


2. 3C.com for $140,000

  • An upgrade from 3cInteractive.com, which is where 3c.com is currently redirected. “a mobile platform company with a strong focus on consumer engagement. 3C’s cloud platform – Switchblade – powers mobile applications that help businesses better engage consumers, make ‘right-time’ decisions and increase the lifetime value of their customers.” They don’t own Switchblade.com, but I bet they’ve tried to buy it….it’s currently owned by Reflex Publishing.


3. Dumpsters.com for $110,000

  • Who knew there was so much money in trash? “Dumpsters.com is one of the Country’s leading online dumpster rental companies. We guide property owners through the untamed wilderness that is the process of renting a dumpster.” Alexa rank of 4.1 million.
  • The dumpster rental market is a wild frontier fraught with all manner of bandits looking to make a quick buck.” That sounds like some people’s descriptions of the domain market. 🙂


4. Deco.com for $100,000

  • French language interior design site. Per Google Translate, “Deco.com helps you design your interior with its thousand and decorating ideas. From the living room to the kitchen through the bedrooms and the bathroom, dress up your living spaces with designer furniture.Alexa rank near 475,000.


5. DPC.com for $60,000

  • An upgrade from DewPointControl.com, which is where their acquisition is redirected. “DPC™ was founded in early 2003 with the idea that it would lease JT and refrigeration units to the local producers needing to meet the 45°F HDP (Hydrocarbon Dew Point) pipeline specifications that were prevalent in the East Texas region.” They’re not exactly a mass market company, yet they still see the value in a short domain name. As discussed recently with a review of other LLL.com domains.


6. CamShow.com for $52,000

  • No site resolves, and under privacy protection.

7. Mekan.com for $51,500

  • A Turkish language site where, per Google Translate, “users get an idea of ​​places, comments, event tracking, ordering, offers features such as make a reservation.Mekan roughly translates to “place” or “space”. Alexa rank of 140,000.


8. BudgetDirect.com for $50,000

  • An upgrade from the .com.au, “One of Australia’s leading General Insurance providers”


8. Dentl.com for $50,000

  • No site resolves, and under privacy protection.

8. Fork.com for $50,000

  • Not the kind of fork for your mouth…..for your industrial strength loader. They also own the plural, Forks.com, which they picked up for $32,500 a few months earlier.


8. Philanthropist.com for $50,000

  • The fancy for-sale lander is shown below, with its price tag of $180,000. Owned by GE Media / Greg Everett, which owns another 9,000+ domains such as


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