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It’s 2010 and I Still Can’t Bid Online At DomainFest Auction

phone-auctionThe entire world gets all giddy at the latest and greatest gadgets from Apple Computer but one thing stays constant, auction houses can’t make a stable platform for online bidding with a Mac. Maybe it’s not Can’t but Won’t. I would guess they don’t want to add more cost to the already high cost of producing a bidding platform. Presently the only platform that seems to be able to keep up is a downloadable app that syncs with the web. To this point they’re all written for Windows.

The DomainFest auction is something I want to be a part of and being a 100% Mac household (OK, I was forced to buy a netbook for similar reasons to this) I will be going back in time to the 1950’s and calling in if I want to place a bid. I guess I am too naive to realize that a complete online system can’t be done because TRAFFIC proved that so far it hasn’t. It’s only as strong as the host’s internet and Rick Latona said the connection in Vegas wasn’t strong enough to keep it up with the massive amount of traffic. That was at 54 mbs. I thought for sure that would be enough.

So as I play with my test version of the iPad, I won’t be able to use it to go bid on the wonderful names at DomainFest. I’ll have to grab my grandmother’s rotary phone and spin the number’s one by one until Maybel patches me through to the auction.

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