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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks: Revealed

I enjoy getting the emails from people saying they bought a name on the daily list.  Names they wouldn’t have seen otherwise.  I realize many of the names have a ton of bidders but good is good, so I point them out.  People have tried to send me money in thanks but I’d rather you visit my advertisers and thank them.  They’re the ones that make it possible for me to put the time and effort into the daily posts.  And to answer your question “If the names are so good why aren’t you buying them?”.  Because I don’t have enough money to buy all the names I like.  There are a few I REALLY like and of course I’m not putting those on the list if I can afford to buy them.  But that happens twice a month at most.  And YES the DomainFest Extended Auction ends today.  Great names, high prices.  Now onto today’s names. A common term for people in the country on a short term basis but could also be the name of a movie, book, or video game.  I’m thinking Bradley Cooper as the main character but then again I thought his acting really stood out in Wedding Crashers $4600 value at   I always think of the famous picture of the family at the beach when I think of burqas. I know it’s spelled wrong and that’s what makes it pretty. Don’t Google this at work.  I hadn’t even heard of this but evidently it’s a real product. I’ll let you dropship this one As I’ve said a million times.  These are commodities and there is a huge opportunity if you can get them at the right price The dot net works here.  No bidders and 2002 Birthday Great name? No.  $69 name? Absolutely 12 year old domain for $12 Another 12 year old but a little more money at $80 I am a little biased but plenty of other uses.  Poker, panty hose.

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  1. How funny Bradley Cooper acted a Dbag in Wedding Crashers and now he is considered the hottest guy in hollywood.

    Bigrun is something you should develop Shane. Like tips on how to prepare for marathons and all the other athletic stuff you do.

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