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Really 4 to 5 Days for an Authorization Code?

I sold a domain recently that was registered at  There are many reasons why I don’t use but I recently found one more.  Getting a domain out of is like trying to get a one paragraph article out of Danny Welsh (I kid).  Nearly impossible.  They do everything they can to make it difficult.  A questionnaire. Warnings of things that could wrong.  Small buttons and odd wording that require more attention than the normal transfer procedure.  They even try to bribe you with a horrible deal of $15 plus renewal fee.  But that’s not where it ends.

After you have filled out the unnecessary forms and hit the email the auth code button you are left with this.  “We will email you the authorization code in 4 to 5 days”  That’s right 4 to 5 days.   To get the simple transfer code that could be sent in seconds.  Like you might change your mind.  I was furious so I called.  I chose the “call me back” method because the wait was 10 minutes and sure enough they called me back.  I told them I wanted them to email me the code immediately.   The guy’s name was Shane and he was actually very nice.  After a little chit chat he said he just needed to verify that it was me by sending me a code to the corresponding email and I should read it back.  I said “Why don’t you just send that authorization code to that same email and that’s all the confirmation I need”  If it’s not me then I don’t get the code. He said he still had to verify. To avoid explaining to him why none of this made sense I just read him the code, thanked him, and told him to send me the code…..Immediately.    And he did.

It is ridiculous that a major registrar is so obtrusive to any customer transaction.  If they would simplify everything and reduce the prices they wouldn’t have to worry so much about transfers out.  Until then I can’t see why everyone wouldn’t transfer all their domains out.

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6 Replies to “Really 4 to 5 Days for an Authorization Code?”

  1. I don’t think I have used since 2002, heard similar things, I try to move my names after the 60 day locks to companies that can move out quick, end users are jumpy as enough, doesn’t take much to kill a deal sometimes. I hate the domain hostage game.

  2. Yes, then after the 4-5 day wait you normally get the following response –

    “You recently requested an auth code to transfer your “*********.com” domain name.

    Your request has been processed and at this time it has been declined due to recent suspicious activity in your account.”

    Their system is annoying.


  3. They get away with holding your domains hostage because they can.

    Icann frowns on registrars impeding a transfer.

    I would suggest you fill out this form everytime you have a problem with Register.
    The registrar receives a copy. And, Internic follows up with the registrar.

  4. Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t had any names at for a long time and now I know to keep it that way. It’s a crime what some registrars get away with.

  5. I’m glad you won. It’s ridiculous how hard they make it to transfer out a domain.

    I registered my first domain there, back before I knew any better. It was a multi-year registration. I tried to transfer it when it expired but they required that I have a phone chat with a representative. To keep me, they gave me a really low rate, but I had to register it for, like, five years.

    To keep from going through that again, I just let the name expire the next time around.

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