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My Recent Domain Purchases

I haven’t done much besides write a daily list each night but I thought I would share with you some of my recent domain purchases. I have sold a lot more than I have purchased but as you’ll see below I am upgrading all the sales into bigger names.  I mentioned that one of them was my biggest purchase to date.  It will be pretty easy to tell which of the below is that purchase.  I have a couple others in the works but who knows how they will turn out.   (Private Buy)  I bought this from the original registrant.  An avid trunk collector, he and his wife used the name to sell trunk parts, guides, and lots of things involving restoration of trunks.  I had made several inquiries over the years and this year we finally came to an agreement on price.  He decided the offer was enough to move his site over to a new name. I’ve been looking for a special name as an investment for my daughter to pay for college.  I truly believe this name has enough value to do that.  I want to add that the sellers were absolutely some of the nicest people. They also made a common mistake. They had let their old host hold the name in the host’s own Godaddy account and didn’t even realize they didn’t officially own the name.  They hadn’t owned it in years and fortunately the host pushed the domain back to him quickly.   (Flippa)  I just recently purchased 8000 yards of rich black topsoil or dirt and hauled it all to the nursery.  Retail value of the dirt is $200K. I figured this is going to be a pretty good name to help me sell it  (NameJet) is not ever going to be for sale and is being used to sell Surfboard modems from Motorola.  For the price I bought it for I thought it was  a steal.  One of my favorite names I purchased in a while even thought its a dot net  (GD) Not sure it has incredible value but it has great meaning.   (GD) High risk, high return name.  I have never owned a dot biz but I figured if I was going to own one it would be an even number number   (GD) Bargain buy but a good buildout name and something I know a little about. (GD)  Not quite but the return percentage could actually be higher based on my purchase price  (GD) Again, going to do just fine on it because of the good buy price.

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  1. You will do well with assuming you didn’t pay too much (which I doubt). has a ton of build-out options, really nice names overall, congrats!

  2. Sorry SHANE, but in my opinion this domains you purchased are worthless.
    TRUNK.COM may be worth 5K to 10K but the outhers are just $10 USD domain names.
    Sorry again but I think you lost money with this purchases.
    By today the .NET domains are really hard to sell and they have quiet NO value, and the .COMs
    are 3 words long so I see no value at all.
    Just my opinion.

    1. Nick,

      I think you’re wrong. Actually I know you’re wrong. Opinions are always welcome but when you said trunk was a 5 thousand dollar domain I realize that it was an uneducated opinion. You may be right on the rest. Only time will tell who’s right but I’m pretty sure money’s on me being right.

  3. I´m a domain broker, not a domainer. I don´t own any.
    Thank´s anyway and good luck with your purchases.

  4. I made a valuation of 5K to 10K for based on today aftermarket conditions.
    If you are lucky and find an end user you may sell it for 15K but is hard to see this domain selling for 20K.
    (As I told you before, JUST MY OPINION)

    1. Yes Nick, I understand. And I think anyone who used you as a broker would be making a mistake. You own no domains and you are not educated in today’s market prices. Not exactly the type of broker people want. You are saying that as a broker that you would recommend that I take an offer of $15K for trunk. It is scary to think you are brokering other people’s names and are giving them this type of advice.

  5. Shane: dude, you rock! Love em all, especially Could you think bigger than just your area and hook people up with dirt nationwide? I didn’t chech but the bigger play is being a dirt broker. So many possibilities for That’s a long term hold. You have a knack at picking some good ones.

  6. Nick

    You are right about it could take a while to sell, but if that tech company gets funded you could easily look for thay $25-40K swing on the name. Otherwise renew it for 10 years at $80, and put it away.

    Again you are correct about .net’s they are slow out there, I have many single word .net’s, it is like a ghost town. Then again I do know what a truck, and transfer load of top soil dirt costs, and I can tell you it is a good business. Most people see dirt, as dirt, but the people in it usually charge people to get rid of it, then charge people to dump it, win both ways. When I built my house, I had to raise the level, and I probably spent $15,000 on fill creating a solid foundation base. Someone in that business will appreciate the value of that name. OK it is not Dirt, but not many guys would be able to pull the trigger on it.

    As for, the research paid off, obviously 6-7 figures to grasp it out of the hands of the current owner. Well here is the next best alternative, and a willing seller, only adding to the prospects of a sale.

    2N dot anything is worth a roll of the dice, and it is a lucky number set, so risk to return is very low here.

    The bottom three names which are those constant $2,500 – $5,000 sales we see on a weekly basis, if you sold them before, you know what they are all about.

    I think it is a perfect little storm of a portfolio, well done.

  7. Some great purchases, Shane. could be used in many different ways… Extremely memorable and it will make a great brand for someone someday.

  8. Hi Shane,
    Absolutely love, love, love Develop that baby and in my opinion, you are looking solid profits for a long time. also solid. Easily a high 5 figure to low 6 figure domain name.

    Would be very interesting to know what some of the pro domain brokers out there think.

  9. Hi Shane, by far the most valuable name on this list is! I reached out to the owner in the summer trying to close a deal on it; looks like he tried his luck on the open market and you scooped it up! Thanks for sharing this list with your readers….like stocks, the money is made on the buy! My most recent purchase was for $100, I bought it yesterday and the Estibot is 4K. I guess replaces as your top name? – @MichaelMaillet (twitter)

  10. Shane, I’ll give you $30k for it today 😉 Cash in a brown paper bag. Deal ?
    Boom, there goes the worthless appraisals.

    Nick. Please send me all the domains that are under 10k that you are representing .

  11. Congrats on, great name with many possible uses (data storage, travel, moving…) The other names will do well too.

  12. I think worth at least mid 5 figure to 6 figure range 🙂

    I may be biased though..because I own TrunkStore dot com 😉

    Nick, please send me all one word dictionary domains under $5k that you are brokering.


  13. I like it when people share their purchases.

    I haven’t surfed much of late, but “” is a name I’d be happy to own. “” is good too.

    My favorite, by far, is “” So many uses (cars, travel, fashion, etc.), not to mention, it’s a great brandable in its own right. I have to admit, I’m a bit jealous. Fantastic name.

  14. I think is exceptional.

    It’s a product in various forms (car trunk, storage trunk, piece of decor…etc), and a name like that can certainly be used as a brand.

    Congratulations on the acquisition. I am sure it was expensive. I hope it pays off for you

  15. Shane is no fool; sitting in Chicago, I am sure he saw Nordstrom’s purchase of for $350mm. And while there are certainly other uses, re-branding as and then going after both the female and male demographic would be a nice why for Nordstrom’s to get back that investment.

    Here’s to hoping that someone in the Nordstrom development department is reading this 😉

  16. @Josh

    oh well, you let the cat out of the bag already.. i had the very same thought that his purchase of might be a big gamble on Nordstrom going after his domain later on.. and if not them, there are dozens of other brandable choices including Trunk, so he definitely will recoup his investment manyfold..

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