Flippa – A Look Forward: Rock.et, Throttles.com Hit Reserve. Whiskey.com, Advertising.com.au, JDM.com

Dec 14 2014

Reserve Met and Will Sellrocket

Rock.et – I’m not a fan of hacks, but it has crossed the four-figure mark, so there are plenty of others that like them.

DomainDropper.com – A brandable domain for a drop service…..these seem to sell regardless of whether or not another service is needed.

FirearmMagazine.com – “Gun” is preferable to “firearm”, but it has still hit a few hundred dollars in price.

Throttles.com – A product domain, or a verb, or a band.

Reserve Not Met

Whiskey.com – Bidding has crossed 6-figures, but my guess is the reserve is many times the current price level. The Whisky.com domain without the “e” sold for $3.1 million this year.

Advertising.com.au – The .com as a business sold for over $400 million. Businesses vs domains and .com vs .com.au are apples/oranges.

Originals.com – I’d rather have the singular, but this domain has lots of uses.

Tubed.com – Are “tube” domains still in demand?

JDM.com – Love the domain and its letters.

MultiVitamins.com – A product that most of you have probably used…..a big industry.

Tricks.com – The phrases with the biggest search volume include card tricks (nearly 50,000 searches per month), Google tricks, magic tricks, smoke tricks, and more.

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