Domain Spotlight:

The screenshots below are examples of buyers of domains from the past year that have either developed their sites, or purchased an upgrade domain and have redirected their acquisition to an existing website. sold for $9,999 at Sedo, and the domain was an upgrade from the hyphenated, which has two hotels in Dubai. “Vida Downtown Dubai is a boutique upscale hotel concept. Designed for the inspired, Vida is an urban hub; a place for the next generation of travellers”. They have a whopping 70,000 likes on their Facebook page.


Speaking of hyphens, sold for $6,000 at Sedo, and the new owners are developing a sing-a-long app for kids. Hyphenated sales in the mid to upper 4-figures are harder and harder to come by, even when the keywords here have search volume of over 450,000 per month, per Estibot.

Nursery-Rhymes sold for $6,000 at Uniregistry, and the owner is a realtor with a much more difficult name to spell: Betsy Richter. ” Since 2002 my associates and I have staged, managed and sold over 500 homes in Austin valued over $300,000,000.”

austinhomesales sold for $6,000 at Uniregistry, and the owner is “Porsche Informatik Gmbh”. Their lander below roughly translates from German as “connects your vehicle”. It appears Porsche and Telekom Austria Group teamed up on an app they released in 2015, The DIBOX app combines driver and vehicle in a completely new way. The basis is the DIBOX, which is attached to the windshield behind the mirror. It reads out vehicle data and sends it in real time to the DIBOX app on your smartphone. This allows a multitude of future-oriented functions.

dibox sold for $3,500 at Sedo, and they describe themselves as “an innovative solution for publishers and advertisers. Monetize mobile traffic with the help of the most advanced tracking platform.”

Pinox sold for $3,499 at Sedo, and the domain is an acronym for several different ‘American Journal’ phrases you can see below. Their trademark filing for “American Journal Publication Excellence” was filed in August 2016, and their mark description is as follows, “Language translation; Written text editing; Writing of articles for professional journals other than for advertising or publicity“.


Domain Spotlight: