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Here’s my latests business idea: A consulting business that registrars hire to find bugs and glitches on their websites. I don’t know if I spend too much time on these particular sites, but I inadvertently find the shit out of glitches everyday.

Godaddy’s a no brainer, they should hire me to find and document these issues. Problem is it would be an 80 hour per week job, and I really don’t have time for that. Even Uniregistry would keep me busy most of the day.

Here’s a few Uni issues that need to be fixed. I can’t mark a domain as sold if I sell it myself. I’ve asked about 10 people at Uni and no one can figure it out. Bulk domain selection has a few problems. If I filter out certain names, and click edit all, all of the names get selected, even ones that weren’t filtered. Another issue is the names registered at Uni when added to the market aren’t showing up as Uni names, you have to go back and reselect the names after adding them to the market.

No system is perfect, all will have problems from time to time. It they don’t hire me to find all of their problems, I think companies should at least have a group of third party users that are always trying different things to “break” the system. They should do this not to highlight flaws but rather as a quality control/quality assurance mechanism.  Maybe they are doing this, but I find it hard to believe they are if my laptop and I can find problems everyday.

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The No Bid List  It’s one word if your into obscure 1 word domains  Get moving and feel alive in the United Kingdom   Plug yourself in so everyone can hear you  A senior care name, or a home that needs a rehab  A self defense site, learn to fight back  might not be worth that much money, but it makes me think of big fundraising events in the summer. There’s one close to where I live that’s supposedly the biggest chicken BBQ in the world. They sell a lot of chicken but overall it’s a big cookout for thousands of people. This name might not be right for them, but there’s probably a similar event that could benefit from a good name. I know they spend thousands in ads every year.  A really fast blender A seafood restaurant  Legal defense for companies  All the lies they tell you about getting fit rolled into one website  not an online “site” but the actual location to find fossils  Well Hello Travis, Thanks for doing the recaps everyday  A site that sells products for south paw’s only  Ribs and BBQ available for easy pickup A landscaping name  Batton down the hatches  A name for fishing lures  20 onces of wine to go, just like the venti at Starbucks  How high can you jump?


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  1. There are companies that do exactly that, specialize in evaluating web site user experience and provide suggestions for improvement. They have human testing pools as well with no prior familiarity with the site. Probably not specifically for registrars though.

  2. Godaddy never got the message that the world now uses cellphones for everything. Everything there is so assbackwards. But they do have some good name coming across so we all deal with it

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