Recent Domain Sales That Have Been Developed (pics):,,, More

May 06 2016

The screenshots below are examples of buyers of domains from the last few months that have either developed their sites, or purchased an upgrade domain and have redirected their acquisition to an existing website. sold for $10,000 at Sedo, and it appears the folks behind the developed picked up “ is the Worlds largest online marketplace for on-demand teams to build digital products for your company or startup.”

Squads sold for $8,000 at Sedo, and the domain is an upgrade from Based in the Portland, Oregon area, “AHA is a creative agency that brings brands and people together.

AHAInc sold for $6,000 at Sedo, and the domain is an upgrade from An investment management firm, “CANNAR is dedicated to pioneering entrepreneurship in several high-profit, low-risk emerging industries.”

Cannar sold for $15,000 at eNaming. The domain corresponds to the name of an exotic animal and pet show at the Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge, TN, and it’s redirected to the specific show page on the website. “Where do trained pigs, parrots, housecats, dogs and a mini-donkey all perform together? The answer is at The Comedy Barn Theater® in Pigeon Forge. “

AmazingAnimals sold for $13,000 at Sedo, and you get exactly what you would expect — lots of website templates. Based on a quick look, it appears that all of the templates come at a cost, with the minimum being a $30 per year membership.

TemplateWorld sold for $12,000 at eNaming, and the owner is The Allen Institute For Artificial Intelligence. The owner of the developed picked up the .com and redirected it to their .org. The site is intended to help you find documents easier, “Use our state of the art facets to home in on the specific publications you’re looking for.”

SemanticScholar sold for $5,450 at Sedo, and the domain is the home of an interior design firm. They also control the and .ae extensions, and have unique sites live at each.


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