Domain Spotlight:

The screenshots below are examples of buyers of domains from the last few months that have either developed their sites, or purchased an upgrade domain and have redirected their acquisition to an existing website. sold for $42,000 at MostWantedDomains, and the domain is an upgrade from They publish a magazine and describe themselves as, “The modern voice of classical elegance”.

TheRake sold for $13,999 at Sedo. The site is in beta, but their brief description gives a sense for what they’re up to, “Big stories. Small donations. Can giving just $1, $2 or $3 change the world? Let’s find out.”

SpotFund sold for $9,999 at Sedo, and the owner is Gudmundur Eggertsson, Lemonade Marketplace Ltd. “Get paid for your Instagram posts” “We reward influential Instgrammers for their everyday inspiration.”

Takumi sold for $9,900 at NameJet, and the site aims to make it easier to arrange home services, from cleaning to plumbing and everything in between.

Noso sold for $5,500 at Sedo, and the owner is Richard Prangell, Viridian Lawyers Pty Ltd. A health-related app, “Instead of one perfect health system for the world’s population We are building tailored Personal Health Systems, perfected for everyone.”

Docta sold for $4,485 at Sedo, and the owner is Drew Wilson, Plasso, Inc. The domain is an upgrade from, which is where the .com is currently redirected. “Plasso makes accepting and making payments quick & easy. Pay for things. Get paid for things. Buy things. Sell things.


Domain Spotlight: