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Tuft & Needle is a mattress startup with $42 million in revenue in 2015, projected revenue over $125 million in 2016, and they’re achieving this growth without resorting to VC capital.

They picked up the domain back in September of last year, and the founders mentioned in a NamePros interview that they weren’t yet sure how they would use the domain, or if they would rebrand.

NP: I notice that currently redirects to Do you plan on rebranding your online presence to in the future?

TN: This is a heavily debated topic at Tuft & Needle. The entire team sees the value in using the domain, but are very much split about whether to undergo a rebranding process.

Whilst is easy to type in and memorize, it may be difficult to remember what the initials actually stand for – Tuft & Needle.

As with everything at Tuft & Needle, the goal is to do what is best for customers. Between the data collected and current market share, the team is opting to stay as Tuft and Needle for the time being.

If proves to be a superior choice in the future, then a move will be considered. TN would only make a change if compelling data proved that the switch would further simplify the customer’s experience.

I just saw on the billboard below in downtown Denver, and the domain is forwarded to, which the company uses to provide the “truth about mattresses”, including through the use of the video at the bottom of this post.

The company may still be debating whether or not to rebrand, but they’re making good use of the domain in the interim.

Domain Spotlight:

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  2. Steve, thanks for the comment about BusinessAviation.Consulting. Interesting domain spottings are always welcomed.

    (Spammy comments with bad domains for sale are what most blogs receive, this blog included!)

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