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Results of auctions from Shane’s Big List

This list is comprised of the results from auctions that were featured on Shane’s List. Keep in mind that each auction house will have different end times. Because of this there will be a delay in the results and some will not be listed.

GoDaddy Auctions 5/18/2015 Ended at $208 Could be an abbreviation, y for Yodel. Yodel Gum Helps keep the vocal cords in peak performing condition. Ended with 12 bids for $130. Bots to crawl your site and help you optimize it. I like domains that start with a The for the most part. Went for $510. Great name, 2x the X’s. Sold for $735, another name with an X but ends with a double letter, looks like bidders liked that more. Closed with 49 bids for $645. After doing a little research on this one it looks like it is an exact product match used for drag racing and prices for it start at $400 per. Looks like a great buy.

Recently at Flippa Sold with 68 bids for $7551. Lots of bids to get to 7500. Not sure how I would build this one out but I think the buyer got a decent price for a 4 letter pronounceable domain. Ended without a winner. Bidding reached just over 2600 with only 11 bids. Great domain looks like it didn’t resonate with the buyers on Flippa. I like it for a restaurant. Ended without a winner. The negotiations afterwards were started at $30k. As far as I can see an agreement was not reached with any buyers. This name also ended without hitting reserve. Auction ended at 10k with 5 bids. Great name for obvious reasons. I liked the description on this one. Most descriptions tend to be long to build the case for the domain but this one said “I’m not even going to try to sell you this name. It speaks for itself.” The great names need no explanation.

Name Jet 99 bids from 96 bidders and ended unsold at $1001. This has to be the name of a perfume. Would make a good brand for other things as well. Auction ended with 63 bids at $193. Domains like this are just going to go up imo. Anymore if it is 3 characters long its liquid. Ended at $612 with 65 bids.  If you could make it Hippa compliant and set up and app that would be pretty nifty for the medical field. Or a program for keeping your own medical notes.

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  1. Very nice Aaron. Thank you.

    I especially like the fact that you have done the research to understand the reasons behind the prices.

    It would be even better if the auction house subheadings were included in Shane’s original listings too.

  2. Oh, this is exaclty what we were waiting for. The debrief of the big list. Thanks for the great post, and welcome to the team btw.

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