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Rick Schwartz’s Generous Offer Further Proves There Will Be Leechers In Vegas

It’s a VERY simple thing. If you come to Vegas to meet and greet TRAFFIC attendees and don’t have a ticket or pay for a sponsorship, you are leeching off the money and hard work that brought everyone to town.

Yes, it’s a free country. You can talk and do business with whomever you like, whenever you like. And yes, it’s nice to be in a place that is full of all of your customers or potential customers. But behind all those people is a reason they are there. A team that worked, planned, and put out money to have them there. If that didn’t happen they wouldn’t be there. And therefore if you travel to monetize this group and don’t pay for it, you are leeching and you deserve to be called out.

Tickets to TRAFFIC purchased early were relatively cheap. Vegas is also or can be, one of the cheapest places to stay and fly into in the US. Owen Frager was nice enough to email me and say he found a room for under $100. I got a roommate and made the Bellagio a pretty reasonable place to stay. If you are making money in domain investing or have a company that works with domain investors, the cost is a minimal part of doing business.

I am writing this not because I am part of the TRAFFIC team, but because I had a guest in town that I wanted to bring to dinner at TRAFFIC and wanted to see if it was possible and what it would cost. Food and drink cost money and I was hoping to not have to buy a whole ticket just for two dinners. But I wanted to spend time with my domaining friends and this guest. The guest was very special, she is my Mom. My Mom lives in California and since I hardly get to see her, she wanted to drive over and say hello. I thought it would be great to take her to a couple of evening events and show her how great the domain industry is. That there is a nice mix of people and the conversation is great. And like I said before, I could still go to dinner with family and attend the events. Rick was more than generous and said old Moms was welcome to come to any dinner she wanted, for free. A very generous offer, and an offer that meant a lot to me. It also made me even more peeved when I hear people that want to freeload when someone is willing to help out those that are participating financially in the event.

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9 Replies to “Rick Schwartz’s Generous Offer Further Proves There Will Be Leechers In Vegas”

  1. Actually the fact that everybody is dogging Rick is a tribute to his hard work and the heavey lifting he has done in the Online marketing Industry.

    This is the best of the best to attend,and the really savvy marketers know this.

    No Dog and pony just Professional business.

    Thanks Shane

    Gratefully, Jeff schneider (Contact Group) (Metal tiger)

  2. Am i considered a leecher???

    I am going to be at the Wynn and Aria gambling…and i might stop by and snoop around at the Bellagio just to see what’s going on and meet couple domainers BUT NOT doing any business as i think there is no future domain business that can be done at Traffic…domaining in MY OPINION is DEAD!!!

    I’ll be at the Craps Table either at Wynn or Aria!

    Do NOT pay for rooms…they are always FREE…just get a players card and gamble for over 4 hours atleast $100 bucks a hand…after gambling ask the Casino Host to comp the rooms and food…

    Food and rooms are always Free in Vegas if u gamble!!!

    Good Luck to All

  3. Rooms are free if you gamble $100 a hand for the math..I’d rather pay for my own room and only make small fun bets with a total bankroll of $100 for a few hours at most. Spend what I would have handed over to the casino at the plethora of fine dining in LV.

  4. @ Aunt

    With your warped point of view about Online Marketing, you will be chained to gambling tables for life, only to be a big loser.

    Where do you get this stuff?

    Shane there are some Warpys, here as there are on others blogs,I don’t know how you can take such nonsense, but then again we all have to be forgiving,of ignorance to survive.


    Graefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  5. If you want to contact Jeff, he will be the guy standing in front of MGM Grand’s “metal tiger”, masturbating!!!

  6. Vegas is a Huge Town for business/conferences every week of the year. People are always out there. If they don’t pay they shouldn’t expect to attend the conference events. Trying to stop people from meeting others in a public place if they choose to do so and calling them out is a bit of a stretch. Then again if companies are sending employees out there for that sole purpose and not paying that makes very little sense. Sounds like a great conference and Vegas is a Great Town, so if domains are what is drawing them out there they should just pay. It only makes sense.

  7. It’s not about stopping people from meeting each other in a public place.

    Its about dbags who travel there with the sole intent of availing themselves of the conferences membership base, without paying for a conference ticket.

    My interest and involvement in ‘domaining’ is just slim enough that I can’t envision ever caring enough to attend one of these things but would it be fair for me to ‘coincidentally’ be in Vegas that week to ‘coincidentally’ make domain business with the conference attendees?

    Of course not.
    Such people are ripping off his work and a part of his livelihood. I’d be living about them too and wouldn’t hesitate to publicly call out every one.

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