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If I Was Running Namescon Here are a Few Changes I Would Make or Add

There’s no doubt that NamesCon has changed domain conferences forever.  A switch to a low cost, high information,  based conference, essentially made them THE conference and put all the other conferences out of business or on their heels.  But all things can be improved.  Here are a few ideas that I have after attending the first two.

1.  Have a for pay, evening meal.   Each evening there are a few sponsored meals that are highly attended but it also leaves those that aren’t invited or new to the industry,  without anyone to eat with or something to do.  I remember being that person.  Everyone talking about all the great dinners they were going to but I wasn’t invited to any (I’d like to think that it was because I was new and not that everyone figured out I am an ass).  I think it would be great to have a pre -organized meal that anyone can pay to attend.  Have a set cost and a required time in advance to RSVP.    Maybe even have a guest of honor speaker in the middle.

2.  Two Days of Auction.   Last years’ auction was great.  Good results, good times but way too long.  I think there should be two days of auctions with each night having its own “theme” of the types of names being sold.   Make sure each night has some big boy names to bring the crowd but maybe a short domain auction one night and then the others the next day.  Then you won’t lose people like they did last year.  And auctions don’t have to be the last event of the afternoon/evening .  After lunch is a great time to draw a big crowd.

3.  Raise money for charity by “Lunch with a Mentor/Domain Investor Celebrity (name to be chosen later) “ .  I don’t have a real name for it but essentially have 5 or 6 “special” people that you can pay to have lunch with.  Have a set amount of people per table and and have the starting cost be $5  per person.  And then auction them off.  For instance.   You want to eat with Frank Schilling.  Start the bidding at $5 and have it move from there.  Shouldn’t be too hard to have 6 tables of people that others would pay money to eat and chat with.

4.   Slots tournament.   We’re in Vegas and if I remember correctly the hotel had a whole section set aside for a tournament.  I like ping pong but a slots tournament would probably draw more interest in my opinion.  Easily sponsored.

5.  Non industry speakers.   Our industry needs new speakers.  The same people have spoken over and over and over again.   The industry is small and we’ve heard from pretty much everyone that is willing to get up and speak.   There are a ton of interesting people from all walks of business that would interesting to hear from.  I wouldn’t worry about the keynote drawing attendees because I can guarantee nobody is coming just for the keynote.   Understandably NamesCon wants seminars to help domain investors but anyone who started and run a website or business probably has good things share.   And they would be stories we haven’t already heard.

6.  Bring back a SharkTank type seminar.  Maybe this time instead of just an investor have a panel of 3.  One investor, one developer, and one business person.  Have 10 different people pitch a domain they have with a buildout they had in mind.   Let the domain owner pitch it and then the 3 can see if anyone presents a package they would get involved with.  Just an idea


I’m sure NamesCon is reading the comments so feel free to chime in on any ideas you have or if you think any of these are worth looking in to.


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9 Replies to “If I Was Running Namescon Here are a Few Changes I Would Make or Add”

  1. Shane

    On the auction front your voice has already been heard.

    This year’s auction will be held right after lunch on Monday January 11th at 2pm.

    Last year we were scheduled at the end of the day which screwed with dinner and evening plans.

    We hope to wrap this one up by 6 do everyone has time for evening events,

    Also this year’s auction will be held in the big room, with online bidding available.

  2. I would change the name of the event and move it out of Vegas to one of the larger cities – at least every once in a while. I know there a lot of rationalizations and caveats about the name, but I don’t believe it serves the domaining industry. We can all jump up and down and call the media unsophisticated fools for labeling us all cybersquaters but, still, that perception lingers. Holding an event called NamesCon in the gambling capital of the world does little to improve our image. Perhaps many participants see the industry as an exclusive club for wealthy investors where one could care less what the media or the public at large thinks or believes. Perhaps. But I, for one, believe that being a bit more sensitive to the industry’s image can only help bring more growth and prosperity in the future.

  3. Thanks for these suggestions Shane! Will keep an eye on the comments here but we welcome direct feedback as well, would love to hear your ideas at producers [at] namescon [dot] com.

  4. Hey guys

    @shane — awesome ideas. We build the conference based on what builds powerful networking. I especially like the organized meal/dinner idea. And the expanded speakers — check — working hard on that. And a 3 person shark tank panel.

    @MacGuffie — well, there’s a serious naming convention (no pun intended) where you take “con” and put it on the name of your industry or theme. Just a few “con” conferences that have been in Vegas alone: HostingCon, PubCon and CinemaCon. But I hear you. I didn’t notice it until after we’d launched. But no, we won’t be changing the name…

    See you in Vegas!

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