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Perusal Point #1: Where are the Compete Stats?

Whatever your ritual of research, if you’re perusing the domain drop lists this week and are a user of, you may have noticed a lack of Compete Traffic stats.  Any ideas?

Most of my mornings start early – typically catching up on reading from the night before, since I was too busy following Domains to finish my Case law readings. Class all day and a quick workout before it’s back to the books.  I’m a creature of habit, so when it comes to sitting down to due diligence, I go for a glass of wine or bottle beer to calm the nerves.  This works for me.  I start with Dropday, since it’s cheap and I can easily search by several metrics.  Like my studying and drinking rituals, I do it almost the same way, every day.

This brings me to my first Perusal Point: When searching for domains, create a filter pattern (for example, sorting by domain AGE), and stick to the order of your search – EVERY TIME.  I used to waste hours refining my search, re-searching, going through 20 pages of domains, refining again, and before I knew it, 6 hours had passed.  If there are keywords you stick to, start by looking for these – you may have 25 domains dropping or 2500.  Since there only about 35 keywords I really follow (METAL, MED, LAWYER, for example), I quickly move on to Filtered Lists of all other names.  I like to stick to the basics starting with AGE. I then move on to PR, COMPETE Ranking (Which is why I’m surprised I can’t see these stats!), ALEXA, and finally PPC.  I search in this order, and it seems to work for me.

You can spend $XXX for lists to be emailed to you, but I’ve often found the best names lie somewhere in the 1500-2000th name on the list, with sparse standout stats.  It’ll take some digging, but hopefully you’ll strike gold.

Unpaid advice.

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