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Monday’s Nice Domains That Are Dropping Take a LQQK

Good morning.  Man, there are a lot of great names dropping today.  One of the better days in the last few months.  It’s not a bunch of great names but a ton of good names.  Take a look at a few I found. No bids but $4200 valuation on this nice TV name Great 5L and a little thing …….it may be a typo of Yahoo. Again, lots of bidders but a very nice name A pronounceable name that may stay low enough to flip Ditto except for the staying low part Free and Games.  Two of the most popular keywords on the net Only 500 or so searches but 91 bidders tell me that it the potential may be worth quite a bit

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. I saw this post after I bought one of these names. Kinda made me feel even better then I did before about the name seeing others see the same value in it I saw. The name was

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