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Save a Little Money Tuesday. Updated GoDaddy Codes

I was renewing and registering a few new domain names at Godaddy and realized I could save a ton of money with the right codes. Problem was half of my codes didn’t work so I started filtering through all the codes I’ve found and posted the best deals I could find that still work.  If you have something that is better, drop me a line and I’ll add them.

DNF2……$7.39 for .COMs Renewal

emma3 = any .com domain for $7.49 Renewal or New Register

gdbb776 on a .TV Renewal. Price drops 34.95 to 24.99

ZINE7………$7.49 Renewal and if you buy 5 you get Free Private Registration

yhkw105a ………$6.99 if you register for 10 Years

emma2…….20% off any order over $30

cjctld749…….$7.49 .net, .org, .biz

cjcdom003t……$7.99 .mobi or .99 .info

promo749……Save $3 on .com registrations, transfers and renewals

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One Reply to “Save a Little Money Tuesday. Updated GoDaddy Codes”

  1. “yhkw105a ………$6.99 if you register for 10 Years”


    I use this code all the time.

    I just tested it and it still works for a single year .COM registration.

    $6.99 plus .18 cents = $7.17

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