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Scared of IDNs? Fear is Merely Lack of Knowledge

The main reason people don’t deal with IDNs is they just don’t feel comfortable with the foreign languages.  They are a bit more work and involves uncertainty.  Traditionally things that required a bit more work and are shunned by others, lead to great wealth.  Fortunately for you,  there is now a conference that is going to take the mystery out of IDNs.  IDNTools and sponsors, Moniker® and SnapNames® will be hosting an IDN Event in Manhattan on Saturday night October 30th at 7:00pm.

The focus of the event will be the following

  • A general education about IDNs
  • Their values
  • How to register them
  • The value of developing an IDN
  • The importance of connecting with a local audience
  • And of course, like all good domain conferences, it will conclude with an auction

If a chance to learn more about IDNs is not enough, there will a great sushi dinner at Haru.  Patrick Carelton, Elliot Silver, and Edmon Chung will all be speaking.  I’ve also noticed they all may have been chosen not only for their expertise in the domaining world,  but for their handsome good looks.  From the looks of it, all have great portfolios AND a good photographer.

It sounds like a great chance to learn and socialize and because Aaron Krawitz is behind the event I can guarantee you’ll have a good time.

Disclaimer:  IDN Tools is a sponsor of this blog but I was not paid for this post.

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  1. Thanks Shane, and we’re looking forward to the event! Very perceptive of you to notice that we only chose photogenic speakers 🙂

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