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Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

A funny thing happened yesterday and it epitomizes life.  I’m having a conference call to go over our company moving all our databases online so that we can access them from anywhere and of course, our internet is out.  It only goes out one to two hours a year and it was out 36 hours.  I didn’t even report it until Monday morning and it was fixed in 6 or 7 hours but now that we’re going to be moving online I expect this to happen more often. Very popular last name.  I have a friend named John Fogarty, of course, not THE John Fogarty.  You can’t even imagine how many times he heard somebody sing CCR every time he said his name? Depending on whether you like TVs or porn will determine what you think it’s useful for.  One is on it’s way out and one is on it’s way in Easy site to build.  Famous photos are easy to find If you’ve ever tried to screw into cement then you have discovered the importance of a hammer drill I only liked it because it seemed like a good site to sell aged domains. Old Regs Throw the word game in any domain and it’s going to fetch a decent price I’m not a fan of owning famous people’s names but I know some of you “protect” the name from cybersquatters

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  1. Great list – Have you ever thought about a THIRD career as a comedian? I was wrong about your funniest joke ever… today is it… great anal ysis!

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