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Sean’s Bonus List for May 27th: The Great dot US Expiration


Do you love one-word .us domains?

Well then, I’ve got good news for you about a bunch of expiring .us domain @ GoDaddy.

A lot of these names are old, like 20 years old old.

Most names end at auction tomorrow, but a few end today.

Click through to bid. Click through to support DSAD.

Expiring One Word .US Domains At GoDaddy Auctions – perfect directory name (ends today!) – cheese blog. ECED — Eat Cheese Every Day – probably my fave name on the list. Nobody bid on this one… – gaming name? Army recruitment blog, if you’re into that… – like… the video game? – HR Name? – tourism blog. Go ahead and write off those trips to the Bahamas… – nice, short name. – sports name, maybe? – no one will misstep with your brand @ – killer golf domain. – second fave name on the list. – make up blog/affiliate site – damn. This is a good name… – Solar Panels company all the way. – AirBNB review site or… “how to make $xxxxx per month with AirBNB” kind of site. – Amaze Us! – a bit generic for a publishing company. Maybe a good software company name? – for the wedding industrial complex. – great lead gen domain (requires a big build out, but probably worth it). – $$$ – mailing… domain? – Go Bulldogs! – every big city in the US has a water park called Lagoon, right? – beautiful home brew brand. – THE acropolis. – this mofo is a trying to be a cool brand. – unrelatedly… – could be a nice badge for someone to own this… – testing site! – watch site! – like the city (not the corporation!) – coordinate us! – memoir in a box type of service – you’re fighting for your life inside a killer. thriller. Toniiiiiiiight – Go Hurricanes! (or, a weather site) – first name Duane – first name Lillian – new england name – fine dining – …star trek? – Go Seminoles! – go slowly – gotta be a $$$ industry, nice name for a build out. – everyone can relate to your Yak blog… – first name Kathleen – for the testing industrial complex – feels good, man. – Go Cocks!

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