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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, August 25th, 2022

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Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction

Catched – could be a good comparison shopping site, if you have a plan to get traffic that doesn’t revolve around SEO (cuz that shit would be impossible unless Elon Musk is funding you… – are .pro in the top 10 extensions? My measure of success: can you name 5 real sites built on that extension? I think .ai is gaining ground here, but extensions like .pro are still behind extensions like .ag, which you can still register some absolute boss level names by hand in… – home health? senior care?

Sedo – where things get stuck… – QR codes, the thing that never quite hit a critical mass, but that won’t go away… – could be good for a build out, but I am *not* a fan of the plural here. – I think it works much better here. Overcome challenges… at – plural is better than the singular. Could be a good giveaway or “complete these five tasks to get a free bluetooth speaker” kind of CPA – nice KW but… what would this site even be?

Namejet – foreign film site – so many 🔥 keywords in one domain… – review site. Eat spaghetti, blog about it.

Godaddy Domains at Auction – when you see a name like this for over $2k, you know the suitors are not just there for the looks. #SEO – this one has some juice PLUS it’s in a niche with low inventory. Good name. Really nice price… – crypto name, probably – I always take my medical advice from companies with a playful “Z” where an “S” should be and you can too! – I assume this is a speedy tax service. I don’t want to be speedily taxed… – 10/10 brand. So fun to say. – a pretty great word on a pretty blah extension… – VPN site. – Hey, Michael Goldstein. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Here’s your .com domain, better grab it quick. – nice little 4-letter pronounceable – COME ON, YOU PANSY. PUSH UP THROUGH THAT SOIL. POP THEM BUDS. DIG DEEPER! DRIVE THEM ROOTS!!! – yeah, but does your building have prefontal cortext?? Does it have thumbs with-which to manipulate tools? No? Pssshhhh, then it’s not really that advanced is it… – as a place with Advanced Buildings. Let’s build that future. – for when you could use a museum, but only on an as-needed basis. – it’s what people from the south call the cornbread crumbs on an otherwise empty plate. “You gonna finish your southern shavings?”

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