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SEDO Auctions Have Been Terrible Lately But Is Over at Bido

You can tell it’s Christmas.  Not a lot of action going on at the auction houses. SEDO has been dry lately.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen it this light of good domains.  I’m going to chalk it up to end of year and the holidays but I will certainly say it has to do with the increase in other auctions around the net.  But there is a very special domain in the midst of all the domains over at Bido.  Its

4L domainA same vowel 4L is getting expensive right now and this one is a beauty.  Now if I sound like a gloating father, I am.  In full disclosure, this is my domain and although I’m a little nervous it is going to go at the minimum, you never know until you try to sell.  Bido is not exactly known for high end names.  If anything, its known for right quantity over quality but I like Sahar and Jarred and I thought I would give it a try. They’ve been good to me and I figured I would throw it up and see how they do with it.  If I can help move some good names through the site then everyone wins.

I’d like to see them point out the top 3 or 5 domains of the day and give them a little more publicity.  There’s a….lot of domains being auctioned each day and some times it gets a little cluttered.  I think today is as good a day to start it.  Make sure to throw down a bid.

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4 Replies to “SEDO Auctions Have Been Terrible Lately But Is Over at Bido”

  1. Hi Shane,

    To avoid seller’s remorse I suggest making your bidoPrice something you will OK with even after a sale. In the case here you got what you asked for. Sure there was an upside potential that didn’t work out, and it may be because of a number of different factors (from economy to holiday season, to possibly not low enough of a BidoPrice for the purpose of engagement, to the unknown), but there’s no point looking back and feeling bad for what I believe to be a decent sale, in my opinion anyways.

    Would love to see you do better next time.



    1. Sahar,

      I agree and it’s not a knock on what you’re doing over there. You have a niche and you do it well. It is just not a place for higher priced domains, not at this time. Perhaps someday Bido can expand to that realm but presently it is a great place the best place on the internet to move lower level names and tlds. This is not a criticism. There was a huge market for that and you now control that. I am responsible for my own actions and I will be taking down my negative comments. I realize I don’t have to publicize every thought and action.

  2. That may be because Sedo and the big auction houses select their auctions manually. But self-listed auction sites like eBay as as busy as ever:

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