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Sedo Helps Search Engine Land Secure

Today Third Day Media aka Search Engine Land announced that Sedo had recently helped them purchase for a “very reasonable sum”.   SEL knows the value of a keyword domain as well as any company on the Internet .  According to Third Day Media

“Search Engine Land’s success is due in part to having a memorable domain name that describes the mission of the site. We wanted an equally descriptive name when it came time to extend our brand and provide a resource for internet marketers beyond those involved in search,” Chris Elwell, president, Third Door Media. “The domain name gives us an immediate presence in the internet marketing space. Thanks to Sedo, we were able to get the domain name we wanted at a very reasonable price.”

And Tim Schumaker agrees

“As experts in the world of online marketing, Third Door Media understands the value of domains and how to take advantage of’s massive branding potential,” said Tim Schumacher, CEO of Sedo. “We look forward to seeing the new site develop into a leading portal for the latest news and analysis on interactive marketing, and look forward to helping Third Door Media fulfill their goals of building a comprehensive domain name portfolio.”

MarketingLand is already up and running and it’s pretty easy to see that they’re about to do the same thing with Marketing as they’ve done with SEO.

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2 Replies to “Sedo Helps Search Engine Land Secure”

  1. To add, tho:

    I don’t think these are rightly characterized as “keyword domains”. They might be better called “Keyword Brandables”. Schwartz talked about them, and he was totally right.

    Those keyword-adjective names that incorporate a keyword, but also have a branding component. These types of names are very underrated, but a lot harder to speculate on since knowing the difference between a good one ( from a shitty one ( may be common sense to some, but calls on a right-brain intelligence type that some others just don’t seem to have.

    IMO (and it is very much ‘opinion’), strong, stand-alone keywords with a very intuitive adjectives in .com are this eras ‘opportunity’. They don’t earn shit parked, big portfolio holders seem to be culling some pretty decent ones them at a rapid clip and you can get impressive names of this nature for peanuts. They can very easily ‘be a business’. If is oceanfront property, names like are nice, commercially zoned storefront property.

    If .com keeps its role going forward, people in 2021 might look back on these types of names in 2011 how we look back on the drops in 2001.

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