Tuesday’s Big List of Domains At Auction or Dropping Around the Net

Dec 13 2011

I was looking through 4.cn and saw that 6666.com was coming up for auction.  Of course being the NNNN.com lover I am I got pretty excited.  Then I saw the price.  It’s already at $95,000 but hasn’t made reserve.  I imagine it will.  Now onto some names I found that will cost much less than $95,000.

WeveGotDeals.com Exactly the kind of name you see thrown across the screen on TV.  And if they say they have then they must have them.  They’ve also had them a while.  1999 domain

BuyThatName.com I think you should

HeelZone.com The value here is the fact it’s a forum.  Is still up

FreeRangeEggs.com It’s a wish list name.  ie just checking the market on the name.  Never get why they do that.

GentleAir.com Good product name.  11 year old name.  Also a term I use when I pass gas but doesn’t smell.  “man you’re nasty”  “Don’t worry, I let out gentle air”

FairTradeCertification.com Fair Trade products are being sought after more and more.  Become a licensed Fair Trade certifier .   You’ll get to travel the world and you won’t have to shave.  Every guy in magazines that deals with fair trade is unshaven.

SuperEars.com Not sure how you’d monetize it but no bidders and 1998 Birthday

Developed.net Great developer site name.  Or busty girl site….sorry Mom

FuckYou.mobi Oh the irony

GoGoPa.com 12 years old and I love it the sound of it.  Great brand for cheap

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