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Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Dropping Around the Net

Had a great day yesterday.  Sold a name for a good amount yesterday at Godaddy but always hate paying the 30% commission. Also Kid Rock gave us nice thank you on his website yesterday after Chris’ article on the Godaddy party. If you like dot nets you’re going to love today.  Some of the better dot nets at auction in the last few weeks. Here are today’s names. Plenty of uses for this one.  Law, security, book writin.  That’s plural for authors right? Fantastic name and one of the better dot orgs this month.  I say it goes for over $5K Only six bidders but probably because of the V which is limiting when it comes to acronyms I say this one goes for over $10K Only people not in fraternities call them frats but nobody knows that but the frat guys. I like the name and the ease of say and spelling.  A little direct but would make a great freelance site I’d write a Linux Guide using this name but I don’t know Linus I bid on it but at it’s present bid of $2400 I probably will not be the new owner 102 bidders so this dot net will do well. Like the above, already 72 bidders. 1999 Birthday.   Tough email to give out though.  They’d never believe you Making a big comeback in the last few years.  Soccer America is one reason

Domain Spotlight:

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