Sedo’s Great Domains Auction: 18 Domains Have Hit Reserve and Will Sell

Sep 23 2015

The sell through rate at this month’s Sedo Great Domains auction will be better than recent history, thanks in part to some .de domains, some domains, and of course reasonable reserves.

Of the 84 domains in the auction, 18 have hit reserve thus far, and the leader by a mile is, with bidding at 33,000 EUR at press time (approximately $37,000 USD), followed by at 3,200 EUR.

Reserve Met and Will Sell – ‘Dance Class’ in German, per Google – ‘Video Library’ in German, per Google – ‘Farmhouse’ in German, per Google – ‘Routes’ in German, per Google – the .com sold for $15k back in 2009

A Few Notable Domains Which Have Not Met Reserve – has a $30,000 bid

The auction ends tomorrow morning (US time) and a full list of the domains up for auction can be found here.

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  1. Jen

    I’m surprised and disappointed that Sedo would even consider selling upskirt [de] on their platform.

    Upskirting is a form of rape and is certainly a violation of someone’s privacy. In some places, it’s illegal:

    Total ICK!!!

    By the way, Sedo is the same auction platform that kicked off one of my political domains because it was “offensive” to their political sensibilities (It wasn’t).

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