Sedo’s Great Domains Auction Ends In Just Over an Hour; 8 Domains Have Hit Reserve

Jun 25 2015

An eclectic mix of .com, .net and a .co have hit reserve at this month’s Great Domains auction, with the leader by a long shot being at 14,000 EURO, which is about $15,660 USD with today’s exchange rates.

In addition to those which have already met reserve (below), there are plenty of other domains that are within their reserve range, including,,, and more, and I expect at least one of those to hit reserve before the bidding is over in a little over an hour.

Reserve Met and Will Sell

You can find the entire auction listing here. Best of luck to all buyers and sellers.

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  1. Greg

    Shame to SEDO. Each month the “Great Domains” auction get worst.
    I don´t know who are the “brokers” in charge to pick-up this “gems” at SEDO
    but definetly they should search another job. are hot and what ?
    If you fill up the inventory they wont sell all (none in this case) because with
    such reserves … Finally the “GREAT DOMAINS” auction will bring some pennies
    to SEDO (talking about commision). They should fire off their “brokerage team” and
    change the auction name to: SEDO´s monthly “CRAPPY DOMAINS” auction.

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