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Sedo’s Great Domains Auction Ends Soon: 14 Domains Have Hit Reserve

Sedo’s April Great Domains Auction ends tomorrow at noon EST, and of the 60 names in the auction, 14 have hit reserve as I type this, with the highest bidding for near the 5-figure mark.

Looking at, a few high priced “8” domain sales in the past two years include: at $115,000 at $81,741 at $79,000 at $14,500

.PE is the country code for Peru, and a few numeric sales in 2016 include for $2,100, for $4,417 and for $5,862.

The other domains with reserve met are dominated by, which of course have been battered this year, but at least eight will be selling tomorrow.

Below are the domains with reserve met, in order of their current bidding: – German for “home loan” – German for “vehicle breakdown” (?) – German for “winter clothing”

None of the highest value domains have hit reserve yet, and a couple notable domains with active bidding are below, in order of their current bidding.

You can check out the entire auction here.

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